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CEC demands Imran Khan to apologize on contempt of court issue ECP reserves judgment over maintainability of petition filed against party funding case of PTI ISLAMABAD, April 24 (SABAH): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan did not submit his reply regarding contempt of court during party funding case hearing in Election Commission of Pakistan on Monday. The Election Commission made its displeasure known over lack of response from Imran Khan, in relation to the politician’s accusations of the commission being politically biased. Meanwhile the Election Commission has reserved judgment over the maintainability of the petition filed against the party funding case of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. The commission will announce the judgment on 8th May. Election Commission of Pakistan’s four member bench headed by Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) justice (retd) Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan heard the PTI funding and contempt of court case against Imran Khan on Monday. Expressing anger at the counsel of Chairman PTI Imran Khan, Anwar Mansoor Khan for not submitting reply in contempt of court case Chief Election Commissioner said to him that he too has been adopted his client’s color. Tell your client to withdraw his statement and apologize, an angry CEC told Anwar Mansoor Khan during the hearing of PTI party funding case. During the hearing when the CEC asked Anwar Mansoor Khan about Imran’s reply Anwar Mansoor Khan replied that the Election Commission should first determine the jurisdiction of hearing after which his client Imran Khan will submit his reply. Expressing anger at this the CEC said that “will you utter bad words against us if it does not fall within our jurisdiction”. It’s strange that there would only be reply in contempt of court if there is jurisdiction, the CEC added. When Anwar Mansoor Khan said “we immensely respect you” the CEC replied, “we know you for a long time, you should have advised you client not to talk like this but you too have adopted your client’s manner.” “If this does not tantamount to contempt of court then nothing is contempt of court, ask your client to withdraw the statement ad offer an apology.” “There could be no argument whether this constitutes contempt of court or not, if you don’t intend to submit reply to contempt of court why do we sit here to listen to you instead of decding the case in chamber, we will issue order if reply not received’, he added. During the hearing PTI Spokesman Fawad Chaudhry appeared before the bench and sought time till 8th May to submit the reply in contempt of court case against Imran Khan. The ECP has now given the PTI chief until 8th May to submit his response to the commission. Meanwhile a four-member commission headed by CEC justice (retd) Sardar Muhammad Raza Khan heard cases against Imran Khan and Hamza Shehbaz regarding the violation of code of conduct at Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). The lawyer of Hamza Shehbaz asked for unconditional apology from ECP, whereas, Imran Khan’s counsel requested to adjourn his case as it is pending in Lahore High Court (LHC) and Supreme Court (SC) of Pakistan. He further said that how can we give funds to people by sitting in the opposition? Chief justice gave his remarks afterwards that the code of conduct is applied to all Members National Assembly (MNAs). ECP has reserved its decision concerning the code of conduct case and will announce it on May 8. Ends-SABAH-TR-ZS

x ECP reserves judgment over maintainability of petition filed against party funding case of PTI ISLAMABAD, April 24 (SABAH): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf... Read more

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